My Workshops

NEW!!!   International workshops!

With 6 years of experience and more than 150 successful workshops in Israel I feel ready to share my knowledge with  rest of the world.
So if you have a store, studio or location for classes in any country in Europe you can invite me to teach one of my workshops:

1. Mixed Media canvas using fabric:

2. Altered wooden box with Art Alchemy Opal Magic paints:

3. Mixed Media canvas with Impasto paints:

 4. Gothic style notebook cover:

5. Steampunk owl:

6. Snow Queen: 

7. Steampunk style notebook cover, using Rust and Patina pastes:

8. Mixed Media tags:

9. Altered heart:

10. Feminine Steampunk notebook:

11. Steampunk box:

12. Steampunk canvas (30 x 30 cm):

13. Snow Queen:


  1. wow!! You are so creative and talented my Dear. I really love to learn from you. I always Follow you on YouTube!!! You teach me a lot my Sweetie!!
    Thanks a ton for sharing your art around the world.

    Stay blessed and wish you a very happy life ahead!!

    Lots of love and Hugs,
    Dr Monika Tripathi Shukla


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