Mixed Media canvas. Self-portrait in Finnabair style

Hello dears!
Sometimes I really don't know how do I manage to find some time for creating just for fun. Between projects for design teams and orders there is very small space for anything at all.

But sometimes my inspiration is much stronger then all my schedule. And I just leave everything and start to create only for myself.
That's what happened yesterday. I made this mixed media canvas with one of my new selfies, that I really love :)

As you can see, I made it in Finnabair's style. I never took any of Ana's workshops, but this woman is my mixed media Guru, and I get a lot of inspiration from her creations.
So now I have a really cool self-portrait to leave for my kids :)

To color this project I used Art Alchemy Metallique paints, Mica powders and Art Alchemy waxes.


  1. It's more important to create for itself! Wonderful project!

  2. Это что-то удивительное и грандиозное!!! Очень красиво!

  3. Oh yah time for your self...Ola my dear, you used your time excellently the result is just amazing !! Finnabair must really proud of you!! I love your new selfie and your work !! Have a nice day. xoxo Heike

  4. Оля, какая ты здесь красивая! И весь холст просто потрясающий!!! Деталька к детальке! Все так гармонично и на своем месте!!!

  5. Oh dear.... what a STUNNING selfportrait !! I’m just crazy about it . You are amazing when you create steampunk. I love all your creations but your steampunk in special. You truly master that. I’m so impressed with the amount of elements you manage to fit to your project. It has such a lot of fabulous details and I enjoy to zoom in to see the details close up. By the way : it is a lovely selfportrait. You are looking gorgeous .
    Thank you so much for sharing. It’s a blessing that skilled artists like you do share their work to inspire us.
    Hugs from Monica

  6. Super cool and beautiful! Perfectly balanced with gorgeous textures. Love!

  7. Нет слов, Оля! Красиво и завораживающе!!

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    1. Thank you Erika! Unfortunately I can't make a video tutorial of this project. It's a Finnabair's signature style and she teach this in her workshops and on-line classes. I believe in respecting other artists :)

  9. Завораживает великолепие Ваших работ!)


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