Your Path. Finnabair style inspired mixed media canvas.

Hello dears!
Today I want to share with my new creation. It's a mixed media canvas, inspired by Finnabair style. But first I want to tell you a story. My big passion for mixed media began a few years ago, when I saw at first time some of Finnabair (Anna Dabrowska) works. I remember this moment, when I told to myself: "OMG! This woman is genius! I want to know how to create these amazing projects!"
From that moment I started to learn about materials and techniques. I bought a lot of mixed media products and just tried everything. And a few days ago I bought a big size canvas (20 x 50 cm), because I felt ready to try to create something like this, just for myself.
So in this post I want to thank to Anna, for being my biggest inspiration!


  1. Мне тоже работы Анны нравятся))
    Ола, трудоемкая и сногсшибательная работа)))

  2. Piękna praca, każdy detal widoczny i podkreślony. Podziwiam Pani prace, pozdrawiam.

  3. I really need to say, that you are a truly inspirer!!!! Every time I see one of your videos I just feel the need of making it right away. I used to make I don't know how many mini books monthly, and Anna cross my way and I was fascinated as you. A few weeks later you came out with the bottle tutorial and since then here I am following you!!!! I love your work and the way you explain every technique !!!! Thank you....

    1. Thank you so much Lilly! I'm so happy to know about it!

  4. Amazing canvas! I love all the details!

  5. What a beauty!!!! I love how those waxes look, the whole feeling is just amazing, great work darling!!!


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