Binder from scratch, with mixed media cover + tutorial. Mixed Media Place DT.

Hello dears!
How are you? Do you like to create your projects from scratch? Or prefer to use ready-made bases? I prefer to make my creations from scratch :)
So If you more like me you'll love my new mixed media project with a video tutorial. I had build this binder from scratch and covered it with a lot of mixed media techniques. All you need are few chipboard pieces, fabric adhesive tape, cotton fabric and ring binder.  
A list of all mixed media materials you'll find in the bottom of this post. The tutorial is little bit long, but all steps seemed to me important so I couldn't shorten more. Sorry :)


  1. Оля, спасибо за видео МК. Я с большим удовольствием всегда смотрю и вдохновляюсь. Процесс твоей работы завораживает. Настолько все красиво, с чувством стиля все сделано. После просмотра хочется творить... Спасибо, что делишься своим творчеством)))

    1. Спасибо, Катюша! я так рада, что нравится, для меня очень важно делать что-то полезное для людей

  2. This is amazing!
    Einat Kessler

  3. I love it Ola, beautiful colours and so much pretty texture, you gave me inspiration to use my fabrics that i have a lot, thanks for sharing this video.
    Hugs, Danoesja

  4. Amazing project!! thanks so much for an excellent tutorial/

  5. Hello Ola....I just cant take my eyes off this project...the colors used are so calm...feels like ur in the sea...i loved the work you did and got really inspired seeing this...would surely give it a go..


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