Mixed Media art. Purple mood girl.

Hello my dears!
I must start to package for my tomorrow trip , but my muse  refuse to  leave me alone :)
So I have one more girl to share with you. This time I was inspired (again) by Mixed Media & Art amazing mood board. By the colors - purple and light blue. And some frost feeling (ice cream from the board) I realized with crackle background. The girl's face is my original drawing (just in case you wondering :)), colored with Prismacolor wax pencils.


Dreams. Layout for 7 Dots Studio challenge.

I told you yesterday that I am not going to create more this week. Well, I'm really addicted to scrap-room :). So today I created this layout, for 7 Dots Studio challenge - Monochromatic project.
I think my style has changed in the last year.  I'm not even sure  why it happens. Maybe it's because I'm growing up :)  Now I'm not so like romantic flowers and pink, and I do have some passion to create  works like this, little bit dark and with meaning.


Mixed Media art. Today is a gift. Whimsical girl :)

Hello dear readers!
I believe this is my only project this week. Because at 27.1.17 I'm going to Frankfurt, with my friends, to Creative World show. OMG I'm so exciting :)
Today I have appointment to my hairdresser :) and I must start to package :)

But now I would like to share with you my new mixed media creation on canvas, with my original drawing. In this project I really was inspired by Mixed Media Place January mood board. 

My girl is little bit melancholy now, but she's believe that everything going to be OK :)


Mini album workshop. Rossi Belle by Prima.

Hello all :)
How went your weekend? My as always busy :)
Actually I'm working every weekend, I'm teaching classes at my home studio.
This weekend we finished amazing mini album, made from Rossi Bell beautiful collection by Prima Marketing. It was a really challenge to find where  I can order so many the same paper pads and embellishments. I just ordered all materials from 3 different stores :). It was really expensive :), but worth to do it, because the workshop was just so successful. The albums inside is pretty the same, like in my example album. But we get a different covers:). Some girls decided to make the opening from the right side like in Hebrew books :)


Mixed Media canvas. Holds you back. Video tutorial

Hello dear readers :)
I have a new creation to show you.
It's about hard times and how important to keep believe in yourself and after all difficulties to stay optimistic, just like this yellow flower :)

I also created a video tutorial. Hope you like it :)


Mixed Media. Altered box. Video tutorial.

Hello :)
I have to show you my new project, this time with a video tutorial.
It wasn't easy, it took all day, I had to recharge my camera twice. But i believe the result worth it. I really love this box now :) and I hope you'll like the tutorial :)


Mixed Media. Altered bottle.

I think I have a new addiction - altering :)
Actually it took 3 days, but I finished it today - altered shabby bottle.
I must to tell you, it's not so easy to work on 3D object. Especially the gluing process. Sometimes when I watch tutorials I can see a lot of artists using hot glue gun. But from my experience after a few months everything just falls down. So I my choice is heavy medium gel. This is a very strong adhesive material. The only downside of this medium - it takes a long time to dry. And when you work on 3D object it can be a problem :)

Mixed Media altered frame. Art.

Did you miss me? I'm kidding :)
Sorry, usually I'm not write posts every day :),
but I have one more mixed media project to show here.
It's altered frame. With no place for photo, but I can deal with it :)


Mixed Media. Altered wooden box. Sea.

I have a new creation to show here - sea themed altered wooden box.
Hope you'll love it :)


Foamiran handmade flowers. Video tutorial.

What do you think about new scrap trend - Foamiran flowers?
I think they are amazing. And you wouldn't believe how it's easy  to make those flowers. When I first saw them, I immediately start to look for this material, and how I can make it by myself. I watched a few tutorials on YouTube, but all tutorials included iron. I hate use iron. So I decided to try to use my hot tool :). And it works just great. I even prepared a video tutorial for my FB followers from Israel. So this tutorial with Hebrew voice over. If you don't speak Hebrew, just put it on mute. I promise it's really clear even without explanations.


Mixed Media Art. Be strong.

Hello Girls :)
Today I have to show you my new creation - mixed media art on canvas.
This time I was inspired by Lindy's Stamp Gang color challenge. They has so amazing color palette!