The favorite craft glue

Hello everyone :)
You probably already know about my FB creation group and my weekend workshops. The most popular question in a both places is about glue :)
So I decided to share with all my crafty friends (not only my students) information about all my favorites adhesives.

I know American crafters prefer glue tape and glue gun - that is what I see in a lot of tutorials on YouTube. Actually I tried both of them, and I didn't like it at all. A few months later all the elements fell off from the projects. It can be really embarrassing when it happens with a project to order :)

Of course in my 6 years in Scrap I have try a lot of adhesives. Here are a few types I found them as an excellent:

1. Crafter's Pick "The Ultimate" Glue
It's absolutely my favorite number one. It's strong, fast, glues everything like wood, metal, fabric and more. And the most important - it doesn't make waves on the paper. 

It's also a pretty good glue. It's not a fast like the first one, and it's not so good for wood and metal, but it's OK for paper, chipboard and fabric. And it's the only one I can get here in Israel when I stuck :) (usually I buy from Blitsy)

It's amazing glue! It's fast, strong, glues everything (wood, metal, fabric), works good for mixed media projects. It is very convenient for gluing subtle elements because  a thin tap. This glue has one drawback - it is its packaging. if you push it in a wrong way -  the tube explodes :)

4. Guetermann Textil Glue HT2

It's the best fabric glue for scrappers :)
I can't give you a link where to buy it. Better to look for this glue in your local fabric or craft store. You'll get it for a good price. 
I use this glue in several binding processes.

This is the best glue for 3D projects. 
For example this shadow box I have built from scratch with this glue

Hope you enjoyed this overview :)
Feel free to share about your favorites in the comments :)


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