Rossi Belle mini album

New from today - romantic mini album created from Rossi Bell collection by Prima.
I believe I finally found the solution how to make a small and cute mini album with place for many photos. This one has place for 61 standard size photos.
The album size is 7x7".
If you scroll down you can find there a video about how it works inside the album :)

Place for 5 photos:

2 tags in the pocket for additional 4 photos:

In this pocket you have 2 tags for 4 photos and 1 flip for 6 photos:

Here you have a small tag for journaling:

Inside there is a pocket with 2 tags and flip for 5 photos:

The flip is opened:

A lace pocket with 2 big tags for 4 photos:

This construction can hold 13 photos:

A pocket with 2 big tags (for 4 photos) and flip for additional 6 photos:

3 small tags for journaling:

A flip for 5 photos:

The video:


  1. Оля, это что-то с чем-то!!! Потрясающий альбом!!! Шикарный!!!

  2. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!! wondering what size your page flaps are, since the outer is 7 x 7.....??


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